Our Switches and other products

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About Us

Our mantra: Fit & Forget. Switch has partnered with different suppliers to provide you with beautifully-made quality switches and accessories. We work with GM, Hamilton and Bachmann to provide you switches with the highest quality. Switch also implements smart systems based on wifi connectivity. Our team works closely with our clients to program and deploy based on any use-cases.
Our Services

We Commit To Big Ideas

We are committed in helping individual and businesses adopt a smart ecosystem. We advise and help implement systems which will help towards reducing energy consumption and promote ease of use and security.

Work Ethics

Determined To Succeed

We are determined to work together with promoters and partners to help implement our systems.

What We Bring to the Table

Quality and reliability

Our partners overseas have implemented the products in renowned hotels and developments.

Our Legacy

Shaping The World

We hope to leave our footmark in our customers by allow them to experience our products which bring ease, comfort, savings, security and satisfaction.