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Office electrical, IT and multimedia accessories

The world of work is changing. Trends such as desk sharing and clean desk concepts are leading the way into a future in which everyday working life is characterised by modern and innovative forms of cooperation. Infrastructure needs to keep up with this, particularly power and data supply in buildings, offices and conference spaces. The challenge here is to respond as efficiently as possible to regular restructuring, ground-breaking technologies and new forms of teamwork such as design thinking.

So how can you overcome these challenges in your workplace?

Bachmann’s connection panels are a good place to start. The modular design of Bachmann’s solutions allows you to create customised and adjustable configurations, even in small quantities. This gives you long-term flexibility for your data and media connections. Despite all this focus on functionality, we have not neglected design. Bachmann’s products, such as the DESK 2 and DUE, have won countless design prizes, including the Red Dot Design Award. This proves that design and function can go hand in hand.